Welcome !
My name is Katrin, and my passion is ceramics.  
This is me, working in my home based studio, located in Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada.
Born in Switzerland, I immigrated to Canada in my early twenties. Oblivious  to the cultural differences, and fascinated by the natural beauty, I started my new connection to nature in the northwest Ontario’s country side. I enrolled in a first year ceramics course at Lakehead University, and I was immediately hooked to the endless possibilities of working with clay. 
While I’m a lover of art and beauty, fascinated by various mediums, clay challenges me the most. 
Making ceramics is a process with many steps; much can go wrong, but when it all works together, the idea, the throwing on the wheel, the trimming, the painting, the glazing and the firing, and I finally hold the finished piece in hand, it is incredibly satisfying.
I’m designing my tableware with thoughts of form and function, durability and beauty.  Ecologically friendly working practices are important to me. 
Hand made ceramics has become part of my lifestyle, as well as the appreciation for locally grown food, cooking, gathering with friends and family, community, an essence of life! 
Finding ways to slow down, and to pay attention to the small things, can bring tremendous joy into our lives. 
Hand made items help remind me to pause.
I’m never tired of watching people pick up their mug, pause, look and feel the surface before they take a sip.  
 Thank you for visiting my site.