Toothbrush-Holder for 2
Toothbrush-Holder for 2

Toothbrush-Holder for 2

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Sometimes in pottery making, surfaces called glaze can fire differently than planned. Once in a while, a piece is touched by the kiln goddess, and something extraordinary beautiful happens. 

The photograph does not do justice to the black glaze of this piece. It sparkles like a thousand gems when the light hits. It's quite extraordinary! 

The form of the toothbrush cup helps to keep the toothbrushes to their own side!  

The narrow form of the cup fits easily on a small sink or cabinet. The extra weight in the bottom of the cup gives stability. It's not tippy. Easy to wash in the dishwasher.

Works well on small vanities. 

Soap dish not included 

Size: width: 3"  height: 3 1/2"

Dishwasher safe